Gretel Eleazar noticed a security officer cuddling a messy-looking dog as she was shopping in a mall in Ceby City, Philippines.

Since homeless animals are not permitted in this mall, the woman was pleasantly surprised by the guard’s goodwill and decided to approach him to learn more. The guard’s name is Danilo Reyeg.


The woman was informed by Danilo that he has always had a soft spot for dogs, particularly a dog by the name of Franci.

Gretel said to The Dodo:

He began giving food to stray dogs that were wandering the mall, but only Franci finally made friends with him and started following him. Franci is still working at the mall where she works but is now with him. He alternates feeding Franci with Mr. Quinner Cansana, another security guard.


The incredibly affectionate dog Franci enjoys spending time with her favorite human, who also taught her commands like “Sit.”

Franci gave birth outside the mall earlier this year, and Danilo and the other security officer saw to it that she and her puppies were safe.

As they grew, the puppies were able to find the best possible homes.


The tale of Danilo and Franci has moved their coworkers to take action in favor of the animals roaming the mall, particularly Micmic the crippled puppy.

Gretel remarked:

“[Danilo] hires the mall’s gardener to assist him in feeding and grooming a dog he calls Micmic. Additionally, a woman who works at the mall restaurant gathers leftover food to give to the dogs who wander the mall, including Franci and Micmic.


Gretel, the creator of the Facebook page Saving Strays Cebu, took Micmic to the hospital so she could receive the care she need. One of her intentions is to sterilize Franci.

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